I love how the play of light alters our concepts of reality.

Sheffield town hall

Sheffield town hall

Welcome to my site.

I’m Sandra Oates, an artist working out of Hathersage, and I am currently working on a collection of mixed media paintings featuring land mark Sheffield buildings, that can invoke individual nostalgic memories, whilst providing the viewer with an opportunity to re-examine ones perception, perspectives and assumptions.

I’m never without my camera or sketch book when out and about. Sometimes photographs and sketches remain unused, but others provide inspiration for paintings to feed the viewers imagination and elicit a response to my work.

Each person takes something different from the same picture, which will have been produced using a variety of materials such as fabric, papers, and stitched threads as well as paint to create interacting visual effects.

My works have previously been sold via White Peaks Fine Art gallery and various Sheffield open exhibitions.

Thank you for taking the time to look, I hope you enjoy the paintings.

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